A Soap Journey 

While on a special Birthday trip to the Caribbean I happened to stumble upon a local vendor with Handcrafted Soaps. It was pretty, it smelled good and it had a unique name, so I bought a bar. Fast forward to several weeks later at home, let's try this stuff out. WOW, it was so amazing. It lathered nicely, smelled fantastic and left my skin so soft. What body wash rock had I been living under? Could I recreate this at home for my family and friends? After lots of trial and error, it has become a labor of love to contiue to improve the product. While on an unexpected "break" from work, I decided to devote more time to this effort and thus Raccoon Valley Soap was born. The soap is handcrafted and packaged in Kissimmee, FL.  I hope you enjoy the soap as much as I do, and if you do please let your friends know about us.

Chris Dickman    


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